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Know Your Student Insurance Options

Sure college can prepare for the world, but nothing can prepare you for the unexpected. That's why it's important to insure the things you hold dear - your possessions, your finances, yourself. Personal property insurance, auto insurance, student travel insurance and college student health insurance are three important ways to safeguard your financial health and your personal well-being. It’s also important for you to know how to avoid insurance scams that may cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary payments. Student Finance Domain can help you navigate the waters of student insurance by providing you with tips to get started.

When you buy student insurance, you are buying more than a piece of plastic that you carry in your wallet or a booklet for your car's glove box. You're buying peace of mind. It's more than enough to worry about new roommates, new classes and professors, finding a part time job or applying for financial aid. Knowing that you are financially covered by student insurance if the unexpected happens is well worth the investment.

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The first type of insurance to consider is college student medical insurance. Most colleges in the U.S. require students to carry some form of health insurance in order to enroll. For those still lucky enough to be covered by their parents' health insurance policies, this is an easy requirement to meet. But for some students the pressure of having to seek out college student health insurance for the first time can be intimidating. There's no need to worry, if you have a little help to get started.

Obtaining college student health insurance, especially international student health insurance may take a little homework, but it's one of the most important investments you can make. Because without your health your hundred thousand dollar diploma will be meaningless.

The second type of student insurance all college students should look into is personal property insurance, also known as renter's insurance. That's because living in a dorm or in an apartment for the first time changes everything. Your favorite stuff like your laptop, DVD player and CD collection is on display for people you don't know very well. While 'community living' can be one of the most fun and exciting college experiences, it also makes you and your stuff vulnerable.

Personal property insurance is one of the most affordable types of student insurance available. When you find a plan that works for you, be sure gather your receipts or take photos of your valuable possessions, or gather your receipts together. Keep this information in a safe place - not on your computer! In the event that an unsavory co-ed decides your computer would look better on his desk, the proper student insurance will have you covered.

Another type of student insurance that could save you thousands of dollars and protect your future is auto insurance. If you have a car it's imperative that you protect your assets and your future assets with the proper auto insurance. It's not a smart decision to operate a vehicle without it. In fact in many states it's downright illegal.

So if you have wheels, you must get insurance. And because college students typically fall into the 'under 25' demographic, your rates may be higher than the average driver. If you can't stay on your parent's auto insurance policy while at school, you should take every cost-cutting tip you can get, including:

  • Getting educated - most insurance companies will provide a discount to young drivers who provide driver's education certification
  • Cashing in for good grades - Many insurance companies will cut a break for those who care enough about their future to get a 3.0+
  • Keeping it clean - not your car, your driving record. Moving violations and accidents you cause will hike your rates astronomically
  • Forgetting flashy and fast - sportier cars historically mean higher insurance prices. Drive something more modest and save
  • Getting credit for good credit - drivers who have good credit get better insurance rates. So start managing your credit and save

Whether you travel overseas for a study abroad program or fly to your parents' home for the holidays, student travel insurance is an important part of your trip. You need to be prepared for any type of emergency that comes your way when you travel on your own.

If you're one of the lucky students who gets to drive a car around campus, then you also need to stay safe and get proper car insurance. Student car insurance will protect from unexpected accidents that may happen both on and off campus.

You never know if and when you're going to get sick when you go away to college for the first time, so you need to be prepared with college student health insurance. Health insurance is a safe way to pay for unexpected illnesses or injuries.

Whether you live in a dorm room or an apartment, it's important to protect your personal belongings with renter's insurance. This insurance can protect everything, from your computer and iPod being stolen to rain damage to your bedroom.

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