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Money Management for College Students

Selecting the right bank as you settle in for college can save you money and ease your transition to independence
Credit cards - the financial tool for your back pocket
A student budget - the key to financial freedom

Money management is an important concept that college students should get to know. From keeping track of what you have, to knowing how best to spend it wisely. Shrewd college student money management practices today will continue to deliver big dividends to you in the years to come.

Understanding the power of interest and how it can work to your advantage or against you is the most crucial element to successful money management. Put your money to work for you through a savings or investment account and you'll benefit greatly. On the other hand, use credit cards and other forms of credit irresponsibly and you'll be at the mercy of credit card companies who make their money by charging you interest. Get your personal money management plan started today with help from Student Finance Domain.


The right student banking products allow you to access your money where, when and how you need it. That's why selecting the right bank and the appropriate accounts like a student checking account or student savings account are so important.

As a student, banks will be clamoring for your business, so you can expect a lot from the one you choose. Get the information you need to avoid fees and bank like a pro.

Although a few bad decisions with credit can certainly lead to a painful and stressful financial situation, by following credit card protection guidelines and using your credit wisely, credit cards can be a very important part of a healthy financial plan.

Not only do credit cards provide students with access to products and services they need, they also assist in establishing the credit that's essential to financial independence. Be sure to get the best credit card for your lifestyle - one that can save you money and deliver the benefits you need.

Take the time to establish your money management skills as a student and it will pay off for years to come. That means spending your money wisely by establishing a student budget and sticking to it, no matter how much or how little money you have.

Another imperative component of practical money management is proper student insurance. Protecting yourself now can prevent financial ruin down the road.

Whether you're rich, poor or somewhere in between, investing while you're still a student is a smart move. That's because you have the luxury of time on your side. So even seemingly trivial investments can earn you a great deal of money in the long run.

Learn to do more with the money that you have today. Invest in your financial future.

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