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College Money is At Your Fingertips

Money for college is available for all students, no matter what your financial circumstances. Some money is free for the taking; some has to be paid back. To get yours you just need to know where to look and how to get started.

Your first step in paying for college is assessing what you'll really need once you get there. That means considering all of the costs above and beyond tuition and room & board like books, transportation and living expenses.

Financial aid - get to know the process that can save you thousands
Don't let money stand in the way of your education. Find the answer with student loans.
Need creative ways to pay for your education? Find out about your non-loan financing options

Once you've accounted for all possible expenses, you can look into your financial aid options. You should first maximize the funds you can get through free sources of aid like scholarships and grants. Borrowing the rest should be easy with all of the federal and private loan programs available today. Or you can avoid taking out a student loan by enrolling in a tuition payment plan. But you need to size up the loans and pick those with the lowest interest rates and fees you can find.

From financial aid and student loans, to your non-loan options, Student Finance Domain can help you find money for college.


The financial aid process is not difficult. In fact with little effort and a lot of know-how, money for college can be yours for the taking.

The first step to getting the financial aid you need is to fill out the proper forms. The FAFSA form, in particular, is your key to applying for all federal aid and many sources of private aid. With help from loans, grants, scholarships, work-study and more, you'll soon be on your way to campus.

Although loan is a word with four letters, it's not a 'four-letter word.' School loans can make a college education possible for anyone, regardless of financial situation.

Getting the right loan or loans for you starts with assessing your needs. Be sure to account for all of your expenses, not just tuition. From there you can evaluate the plethora of options at your disposal from federal loans to alternative or private student loans. Through either option or a combination of both paying for college can be easy.

College money comes in many forms. Although it might take a little legwork to find the right non-loan option for you, it's definitely worth your effort.

Your non-loan options include free money from grants and scholarships. In addition there are many ROTC options where a branch of the U.S. military will fund your education in exchange for your service. Any of these options can help you get the degree you need.

Whether you're a U.S. citizen looking to study abroad, or you're an international student looking to come to the U.S., college money is available for you.

Your options to pay for college as an international student are similar to those available to any other student. But your expenses can be more, so be sure to account for everything you'll need. Through a combination of student loans, grants and scholarships you can realize your dream of studying abroad.

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