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Financing College with Student Loans

Let Student Loan Network find the right student loan for you.
Staffords, Perkins, PLUSes, private vs. alternative, select the right student loan(s) for your situation
Afford the college experience you deserve. How to finance your education with private loans.
If you know you need a student loan to finance college, but you're unsure of where to start, Student Finance Domain can help. There are so many different types of college loans and student loan repayment programsto choose from, giving you a number of options. It's important that you know the difference between the various loan types to ensure that you get the loans most appropriate for you. First you'll need to assess your needs and identify your resources, including financial aid options and of course savings. From there the student loan comparison process will be a cinch. And you'll be living the dorm life in no time flat.

So how do you start? Well you need to figure out what kind of student loan solution you'll need. Are you a graduating high school senior looking for your first undergraduate loan to finance a freshman year's worth of tuition, room and board, living expenses and books?

Private Student Loans
Do you know the importance of a cosigner? Have you compared student loans to understand the difference between federal and private loans, or subsidized vs. unsubsidized stafford loans, and what your options are with both? Are you a seasoned student looking for a graduate school loan,law school loan, career training loan, or business school loan to further your education? Do you know the benefits of a Federal PLUS Loan? Do you want to apply for a medical school loan or a nursing school loan to save the lives of others? And if so do you want to know about the loan consolidation options you have? Everything you need to know about student loans can be found here:

Student Loan Comparison

There are many different school loan types to choose from. But what the heck is the real difference between them all? Do you qualify for a federally subsidized Stafford loan? What does the PLUS loan really mean for your parents? How can alternative/private loans help to finance your college career? Student Finance Domain allows you to compare and contrast student loan options in one place.

Undergraduate Loans

Undergraduate students have many college loan options to finance their college careers. Loan types range from those available to students themselves, as well as those available to their parents. There are private and alternative loans, as well as federal loans to help you. Any of these loans or a combination of all could be the answer for you.

Graduate and Continuing Education Loans

Graduate Education loans are available to those students who choose to continue their studies in a graduate degree program. This can include business school, law school, medical school, and more. Additionally Continuing Education school loans are available for students who take continuing education course work that may or may not be tied to a degree program.

Student Loan Repayment Options

It might be easy to apply for a student loan, but paying it back after you graduate can be difficult. There are some circumstances in which you might not have the funds to start paying back the loans every month, so luckily for you there are various repayment options that you can take advantage of. Every repayment plan is different, so choose the one that suits your current financial situation.

Loan Consolidation

For those students and parents who have taken out more than one college loan, loan consolidation can provide financial relief. Loan consolidation allows you to stretch your payoff period, thus lowering you monthly payments. It also makes the loan repayment process more manageable by combining multiple loans into one loan. A consolidation loan can save you money, time and stress.

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