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How to Make Money in College

Most college students don't have a lot of extra money in their student budget to spend on the weekends. This is especially true if you have to buy new books for classes or pay off any student credit card debt.

So wouldn't you like to know all about making money in college that can be put into your college savings account, as well as used for personal expenses? There are many different ways that you can earn college money.

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Easy Ways to Save

If you qualified for financial aid then you can join the federal work study program to make a little extra money. But not everyone is eligible for work study.

Here are some other ways to make money in college:


Many colleges work with companies and programs that offer internships to students. Internships provide an opportunity for students to work with professionals in their field of interest and to gain knowledge about different industries. Though some internships do not offer payment to students, many of them do, so find out if the internship you're interested in offers a small salary.

Sell Your Stuff Online

One of the easiest and quickest ways to earn money is to make money online by selling your used items on a site like eBay or Craigslist. These sites are free to list your items on, so all that you have to do is upload an image and a description of your item. You can sell everything from used textbooks and DVD's to video games and computers, and this can be a fun way of making money in college.

Features like text messaging and email on cell phones keep students connected just as much as computers. Plus, with new advanced cell phones coming out each year, students always want to upgrade. So they usually end up throwing away their old cell phones.

That's why you should do your part to help out the environment by recycling your old cell phones.

Download a free energy-saving application for your computer

To reduce the energy consumption of your computer when you're not using it, download an energy-saving application or just turn it off.

Online Surveys

Many companies want to know what their customers think about certain products, and they are even willing to pay for your opinion. The surveys are often short, and if you don't make money online from it you will often receive an item like a game system or a computer. Just make sure that the survey you are completing is not a scam and is from a reputable company.

Tutor Classmates

If you're good in a certain area of study then you can use that knowledge to tutor others for a small fee. This is a great way to help out your fellow college classmates or to help out parents who may not have the time to tutor their children.

Work on the Weekend

Since you don't have classes on the weekends you can get a part-time job somewhere on or near campus. Some available options are: library assistant, waitress, cashier, lawn mower, babysitter, lifeguard, ice cream scooper, sandwich maker and so much more.

These are all ways that you can make money in college to help you with your student budget plan. Remember to always save some of the money you make in a savings account as an investment for your future.

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